Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clippingpathmaster...the master of clipping path service provider is an internet based outsourcing firm that makes path for image and picture exclusivly use in webpages or print media. It is a gathering of professonals who provide their services in a tremendous quality within your desired time (normally 24 hour).We do Photoshop clipping path, masking, image retouching, web design, and desktop publishing software.

is an online Clipping Path service, which removes image backgrounds for web and print usage. We are professional graphic designers and deliver images in outstanding quality within 24 hours. All designers of Clippingpathmaster manually create Photoshop clipping path, masking, image retouching, web design, and desktop publishing software. Clippingpathmaster offers one ($1) us dollar any kinds of clipping path.

Clippingpathmaster team is expertized in image silo, retrection of object and background elimination, manual image retouching and cleaning. We propose you a competetive and lucrative service with low to high profile clients who want customized and hige graded performance within a defined time.We are offering you for a trial ( two clips) to verify the quality of silo out. It is totally cost free. Clippingpathmaster offers you a 24 hour service for Graphic Design, Logo Design, image masking, ad design, backgrounds removal,and Color Correction.

background removing and object removing, manual image retouching and cleaning. We provide cost-effective services and work with low to high-volume clients who need the top quality work done on a regular basis within a short time frame. We offer a free trial of clipping paths for up to 2 images that are hand-outlined at no cost to show the quality of work that we do. Clippingpathmaster offers you a 24 hour service for and overnight online Graphic Design, Logo Design, image masking, ad design, removes image backgrounds, Color Correction & Clipping path service provider in Bangladesh.
The tasks received from the specified parties are to be done with care and we believe in zero fault.Perfection is the theme that we serve to our customer.We have special designers for specific job ( such as, some are engaged in image manipulation and others are doing clipping path).We are capable of handling load according to the customer need. We always maintain international standard for facilitating our employees and performing our jobs.

The work orders from our clients are to be done very carefully with zero tolerance with perfection according to customers desire. We have made our artists has divided in into two groups. Groups –A for clipping path and groups-B for image manipulation. We are also able to handle huge capacity of work order from clients. Our company has set up with international standard work facilities for our artists as they could finish the work order minutely with perfection. And also arrangement of entertainment has been done for our artists. We are capable to providing round the clock services working in shifts to provide a genuine 24/7/365 facility. We have discount system for large volume of work and long term customers at attractive very low price. If you are our expected client, please response us immediately.

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We, the best outsourcing firm in Bangladesh. We offer you an excellent clippingpath package for your web or printing usage in an attractive price. It is in your hand to get the best service, offering you $ 1 (one) for any kinds of clipping path. Please visit our site & submit a Free trial for quality evaluation.
Our services –
Clipping path Soft mask
Multi path Color path
Alpha channel Shadows
Masking Ad design
& Image manipulation


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Patrick’s Recommendation: "It has been my pleasure to utilize the outstanding services of Shamima Aktar Shammi & the team at Clipping Path Masters. Their post-production of ikonik-images' photo/graphic, digital imaging work has always been exemplary and most timely, even when posed several challenges of quantity and short frequency. I heartily endorse their graphic skills and friendly customer service team."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clippingpathmasteris an Internet based outsourcing photo editing firm, DTP and image processing concern.
Clippingpathmaster employs a group of highly dedicated professionals with 05 years of experience in the field. Clippingpathmaster closely works with catalog companies, web design houses, Image Manipulation and provides premium service and fast turn-around time at a low cost.
Clippingpathmaster works 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.

Clippingpathmaster specialized in:
1. Photoshop Image Manipulation: Clipping Paths,
Masking (Layer or Alpha Channel),
Create shadows (natural, drop or reflection shadows),
Retouching, Image conversion (raster to vector),
Image treatment for web and newspaper etc.
2. Add Design for magazines, catalogs and newspapers
3. Page Makeup
4. Creative Graphics
5. Web Design & Development

Contact our customer services now, and ask for our free 2 image trial today!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is a word used in the graphic manufacturing which refers to the procedure of create an outline approximately a certain image without having to adjust or erase still a single pixel of the image. Clipping path is done by using Photoshop's powerful pen tool. A silhouette of an area that serves as a mask and the only fraction of the image that has been clipped appears visible while the area outside the clipping path then becomes transparent.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have a team of large numbers of highly skilled professional artists having their academic degree in graphic design & multimedia services from reputed IT training institute in Bangladesh those who are specialists in clipping path, soft mask, multi path, color path, alpha channel, shadows, masking, ad design & Image manipulation.